Total lunar eclipse on Friday

The world is going to witness the longest Lunar Eclipse of 21st century on July 27 (night) and early hours of July 28 with duration of one hour and 43 minutes which is just 4 minutes less than longest possible duration. The Lunar Eclipse will be visible from India. This time the Lunar Eclipse is going to be a special one because on this Friday it is going to be a full Moon day, therefore, it would be a total Lunar Eclipse.Lunar Eclipse 2018

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon, Sun, and Earth are on the same alignment. During a total lunar eclipse, the Earth shadows the direct sunlight from reaching the Moon. The only light that reflects from the surface is red which is refracted (change of direction) by Earth’s atmosphere; this light tends to appear reddish for which the moon to appears a bit reddish. Therefore the Moon is known as “Blood Moon”.

The first phase of the Lunar Eclipse will see the Moon fall under the Earth’s shadow. This phase of the initial stage is known as the Penumbral Eclipse. The eclipse will begin from 11:44 pm IST on July 27. The first phase of the Lunar Eclipse is expected to get completed by 11:54 pm and the total Lunar Eclipse is estimated to set in from 1:00 am IST on July 28. The total Lunar Eclipse will be visible in cities including Delhi, Pune, and Mumbai among others.

In the second phase, as the Moon continues to revolve in its orbit, there will be another partial Lunar Eclipse, which will be visible from around 2:43 am IST on 28 July. It will be best viewed from Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Asia. After this, the next Lunar Eclipse will be again witnessed on December 31, 2028.