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Fitness Mantra: Summer Beauty Tips

Fitness Mantra: Summer Beauty Tips This summer wear your summer. Be a cool trendsetter for all the summer hatters. During the hot summer, try to...

Fitness Mantra: Ramadan special

Fitness Mantra: Ramadan special Along with the arrival of Ramzan, millions of devotional rituals are being performed all over the world. Some of them vary...

Fitness Mantra : Summer Food

Fitness Mantra: Summer Food Health is the secret to beauty. If you are the fittest, you are undoubtedly the prettiest. So during summer do not...

Fitness Mantra : Beauty Tips and Tricks

Fitness Mantra: Beauty Tips and Tricks  This summer wear your summer. Be a cool trendsetter for all the summer haters. Less makeup; more skin- during summer be it...

Fitness Mantra : Quick start

Fitness Mantra :  Quick Start : Summer has arrived along with its pros and cons. The irony is that you can’t avoid it. Few are there who...