Some Use full features of WhatsApp: One of The Top Most Messaging App For Android, iOS and Windows

Nowadays WhatsApp has become the popular and No 1 messaging application for Android iOS as well as Windows. Millions of people are using WhatsApp on daily basis. There are some important features of WhatsApp:Whatsapp Messanger Beta Video Calling

How to Assign customized tone for individual or any group?

For Group: Go to the Group which you want to customize. Then click on 3 dots available on the right corner of the group. After that just click Group info. Here you will find lots of setting. Just tap on custom notifications option. Then click on use custom notifications. Now you can customize the setting as per your needs. Like you want to change ringtone, vibrate or any other setting you want to customize.

For Individuals: Just open the contact for which you want to customize. Then again tap on 3 dots. Here You will get view contact, just tap on it. After that, You can do the same process.

How to Star a message?

For activating the star for a message you just tap and hold the message which you want to do star. Then choose the star button. All star messages you will find the same contact window. If you want to unstar messages you can follow the same process just doing star again.

How to see that who has read your message on a group?

For this, you just go to that group and just tap and hold the message which you want to check if someone has read or not. Then click on the 3 dots. Here will you find all the same who has seen your message.