Secret News of TeamViewer: Remote Access From Anywhere

“TeamViewer” Did you heard this? For Remotely Access of your computer from anywhere, it is the best solution for that. TeamViewer allows you to remotely access and control the desktop of your computers and servers from anywhere,  but this service needs an internet connection. It’s a Germany-based remote connectivity solutions provider.Teamviewer

Currently, TeamViewer has decided to open an office in India. It will be taking care of sales and any kind of tech-solutions. This office will be in Mumbai. TeamViewer has millions of users in India. So it will be the great news of all of you who use TeamViewer for remote access.

This software or Application can be installed in Mac and Windows OS. The installation process is so simple. If you want to download this You can click here to get the software, don’t worry it’s free for personal use. This service offers some business plan also. You can also download this to your smartphones also. Here are links-  ANDROID  &   iOS.

For more info about this please visit the official website of TeamViewer.