Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price Published: 512 GB Variant

Samsung mobiles, presently the flagship toppers among all brands have finally brought their latest flagship device. This time it is all new with their flagship model Samsung Galaxy Note 9. According to the new report, this model of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is going to come with some very exciting storage variant as well as the price point.

It was rumored a few months back that the model Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is going to have 512GB of storage and now the time has arrived to get the hands on the real 512GB storage variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Now the base variant of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is going to have 128GB of storage instead of 64GB of storage.

Credit: Sammobile

Though these flagship models are coming in a very high storage capacity the price point of these devices is going to make its customer’s think twice before purchasing these products.

According to some of the previous rumors the 512GB Galaxy Note 9 will be having 8GB of RAM. The report does not clarify anything about the RAM of the device. It only declares that there is going to be a 512GB model which will be available in both black and blue colors. The 512GB Galaxy Note 9 price in Europe is going to be around 1250 euro ($1460).

The base model will be purchased by most of the customers. Samsung fans will be happy that it is going to have 128GB of internal storage instead of 64GB. The Galaxy Note 8’s base model used to have 64GB storage as many of you will be aware of. It is going to be available in black, blue and purple colors at launch in Europe for around 1050 euro ($1230).

These prices and color options are available for the European market. Samsung may offer other colors in other markets and the price will vary by market depending on many factors. The Galaxy Note 9 will be firmly beyond the minimum price of $1000 as it seems. Even if the prices in your region are not exact figures as mentioned above, but it is expected that the Galaxy Note 9 price to be in this range. The bigger battery, S Pen with new features, more storage, Bixby 2.0 and camera improvements may be worth the price that Samsung released but it will still be a far cry for the majority.