New Draft for Data Protection Act

The government had set up the committee under the chairmanship of retired Supreme Court judge BN Srikrishna in August last year. The committee formed under the justice BN Srikrishna is likely to submit its report on the data protection law to the government on Friday. According to three members of the committee, a “Middle Ground” has been found and the final draft of the report is ready to be submitted.cyber security Final draft on data privacy law Data Protection

According to reports, the data protection law will make amendments to nearly 70 legislation, including those pertaining to Aadhaar, the Right to Information and Health. The committee members added that the committee’s role was just to look at a data protection framework and consider the various aspects such as best practices from other countries, data related to our country, etc before giving the report.
Whether aspects are pertaining to law enforcement agencies and surveillance will be part of the Bill, the person said that they have considered all the aspects.

Privacy is one aspect while security is the other, and all of these things were actually looked at when the bill was passed as the committee members said. The government expected that the committee would submit its report by June end. The other members of the committee will include Ajay Kumar, additional secretary, Meaty, Rama Vedashree, CEO of Data Security Council of India, Rishikesha T Krishnan, director of IIM, Indore and Rajat Moona, director of IIT, Raipur, to take the final decision.