HTC (High Tech Computer) is going to quit Indian smartphone market

HTC (High Tech Computer) Corporation is a Taiwanese electronics company. This company was founded on 15th may in the year 1997, which is nearly about 21 years ago by Peter Chou (CEO) and Cher Wang. The company was headquartered at the New Taipei City at Xindian district, Taiwan. In the year of 2015, on 30th June HTC corporation became the second largest company to manufacture smartphone in India itself after Samsung India.HTC (High Tech Computer) Is Quitting The Indian Smartphone Market Because It Could Not Compete With Chinese Companies

After three long years, of capturing the Indian market HTC (High Tech Computer) corporations has decided to leave the Indian smartphone market for the huge backdrop of their offline smartphone market due to some high in demand competitors like Samsung, Xiaomi etc.their latest flagship device U12 did not perform well in the market for which they could ship only 6,30,000 products compared to their 2 millions of shipping in last year.HTC Is Quitting The Indian Smartphone Market Because It Could Not Compete With Chinese Companies

The South Asian President of HTC Corporations Faisal Siddique, sales head Vijay Balachandran and the product head R Nayyar has already left the company. The HTC Corporations has requested its co-workers to leave the company itself.

Now, HTC Corporations have planned to sell VR (Virtual Reality) devices from its own country Taiwan. Presently they have not updated anything for entering the smartphone market right now but they are having plans for entering the online smartphones selling market. But for now, HTC corporations are bundling themselves from India.

The HTC Corporations speakers say that they are having plans for re-entering the Indian smartphone market whenever they feel it right, for now, they are trying to fix a deal with a channel partner so that they can run their online business easily. The distributors complained that HTC corporations have not yet completed their payment, and therefore they would be taking legal actions against HTC Corporations.