HIDE Your Youtube Private Video List: YouTube Incognito Mode

What is Incognito?

If you don’t want to remember your movement, you can see privately in Incognito mode. That’s mean nobody can trace what you did or what you have seen.

It’s a new feature called Incognito mode that Youtube has introduced it’s latest version of the Android App. Now you can watch privately your personal videos and you don’t need to delete that after watching. DO you want to know how? youtube Incognito Mode

To Watch Youtube videos in Incognito mode, you just have to update your Youtube app from Google App Store. Then You can find an option called Turn on Incognito under settings. After that, You have to tap on that option and you will get a message:incognito mode Youtube

You’ve gone incognito

When you turn off incognito or become inactive your activity from this session will be cleared and you’ll return to the account last used. Your activity might still be visible to your employer, school or internet service provider.

Now You are in Incognito Mode. You can see any videos you want to watch. But this mode has limited functions. Like you can’t access your subscription, inbox, library nothing. You can only watch Trending and Home. If you want to turn off the Incognito mode, simply tap on the top right corner on the logo and click or tap on the Turn off Incognito.

You can’t save the watched history in Incognito mode, So if you want to watch the same videos again, you can’t find that on history. You have to search that again and also you should know that your Internet Service Provider can track the details when you are in Incognito mode.