Google Fixes its Go Version: Android ( Google Play Store )

Google launched its new search engine known as the Google Go along with this they also launched another supporting version of their maps that is known as Google maps go. This Go version of this app introduced by Google was a supporting app for those who wanted to use Google apps in very low storage conditions because these apps introduced by Google consumed very less amount of memory and could be easily stored in low-level devices.Navigation for Google Maps Go' fixes one of Android Go's biggest problems

In order to decrease the storage and memory consumption, the go apps lacked many features. Similarly, the Google maps go lacks a lot of features. The largest omission present in Google Maps Go (and, in part, Android Go) was the lack of proper navigation support. If one tries to use the app to get turn-by-turn directions, it would just point to more fully-featured Google Maps app. Well, Maps Go can’t do navigation, but Google has seen fit to break that features out into yet another Go app: Navigation for Google Maps Go. The app is available on the Play Store, and only 12.15MB in size, it certainly fits Android Go’s space and data-saving goal. Now if one fire up Maps Go and request directions, instead of pointing to use the full version of Google Maps as it uses to do, it will now direct to the Play Store listing for Navigation for Google Maps Go (or just drop you into the app, if it’s installed).Navigation for Google Maps Go' fixes one of Android Go's biggest problems