UIDAI Says: For Criminal Investigations, Aadhaar Card Biometric Data cannot be used

Aday after NCRB got a case for crack crimes by Aadhaar data access for the police, UIDAI declared that under the Aadhaar Act. for criminal investigation use of Aadhaar biometric data is not allowed. It’s also notified that Aadhaar data won’t be shared with any crime investigating department.

NCRB director Ish Kumar on Thursday made a strong pitch regarding Aadhar data, that for the police not to be provided with limited access to Aadhaar data to aid them in getting AadhaarCardfirst-time offenders and for the description of anonymous bodies.

“the use of or access to Aadhaar biometric data for criminal investigation is not permissible under Section 29 of the Aadhaar Act, 2016,” UIDAI announced in a declaration.

Under Aadhaar Act, the biometric data collected by UIDAI can be used only for the purpose of generating Aadhaar and for authentication of the identification of the Aadhaar holders and won’t be used for any different purpose.

He also said “There is a need for access to Aadhaar data to police for the purpose of investigation. This is essential because 80 to 85 percent of the criminals every year are first time offenders with no records (of them available) with the police. But, they also leave their fingerprints while committing the crime, there is a need for limited access to Aadhaar so that we can catch them,”