Fitness Mantra : Summer Food

Fitness Mantra: Summer Food

Health is the secret to beauty. If you are the fittest, you are undoubtedly the prettiest. So during summer do not neglect your appetite. For summer you cannot avoid your heavy working hours and often you travel outdoors. During this sweating increases and it unknowingly affects your health by increasing risk of hazards including dehydration, skin

Fruit Juice

problems and so on. The simple solution of all is to pick up seasonal veggies. Scorching heat absorbs hydrating compound from your body along with more physical workouts. So concentrate more on juicy and watery fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, cucumber, mangoes, tomatoes, and squash etc. In addition to this, the fruits and vegetables satisfy our taste buds and as a result, we feel refreshed.

Antioxidants, Fitness MantraAntioxidants are protectors of our body and health. Eating foods enriched in antioxidants is really an advantage for you to fight against aging and dehydration. Watermelon, eggplants, oranges, capsicum, blueberries are all good food for survival.

Most of the people invest the most in salads during summer. It provides a space for you to explore more with this as a usual food item to bring back that added spark. Mix salads withFitness Mantra, Food, Salad yogurt or sauté it for a while with a little drop of olive oil to illustrate the extraordinary taste.

Fitness Mantra, Food ,Green TeaApart from the foods, there are drinks and beverages which are especially useful for summer. One of these is green tea. Try it with ice if you want to feel cool. Green tea chiefly slows down our pressure of work and we feel enlightened. But remember; never drink extremely chilled liquids especially after rushing into a room from heat as it may cause sudden heat loss. Fresh lemon soda or green coconut juice is accepted as instant mind refresher.