Fitness Mantra: Summer Beauty Tips

Fitness Mantra: Summer Beauty Tips

This summer wear your summer. Be a cool trendsetter for all the summer hatters. During the hot summer, try to wear less makeup and be more skin to hold on your natural coolness. Even if it is a morning or evening party, try to keep your foundation minimal and expose your inner self. You may hold on to powder-based makeup. This lightweight makes up will give you relief from your burden of foundation and sweat along with natural glowing cheeks which the others will be jealous of. Remember, spring is knocking at the door so cheer up and bring a laugh.

Fitness Mantra Beauty TipsYou can play with your hair too. Most of the times we are fade up with sweaty, frizzy hair which evaporates disgust in us and we helplessly end up by cutting it. Mostly we do a top knot or bun and we think we are done. Don’t you think it’s monotonous? Introduce some twist with the hair by using some funky looking accessories with a top bun. Pay less attention if it’s not fixed because sometimes being careless is being beautiful. Not only this, your hair will also feel overwhelmed with its new outlook.

Fitness Mantra Beauty TipsSwitch to the glossy cherry lip and stay away from matte or liquid lip colors. Give your lips a soothing effect by blending your colored lip liner on the lip and apply a lip balm. You can color your lip anytime on his way to feeling kissed. The matte ones may give a dull look and liquid lipstick may exaggerate it.

There are more tricks you can end up doing with you but staying cool and fit from the heart is what draws the attention. Until you are satisfied from the core of your heart, your skin will not execute it as mental satisfaction brings a sense of eternal peace. So, the healthy choice is the ultimate. Cultivate patience, inculcate self-reliance and stand in front of the Fitness Mantra Beauty Tipsmirror- you will find yourself being already ornamented.


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