Fitness Mantra: Ramadan special

Fitness Mantra: Ramadan special

Along with the arrival of Ramzan, millions of devotional rituals are being performed all over the world. Some of them vary in nature but following the prayer, they give most of the emphasis on Iftar which is to break the fast at the end of the day. Every Iftar day is a grand auspicious day for Muslims and for those who love food. The food prepared at home is not only offered at parties but also on the streets as it is a celebration of happiness.

Fitness Mantra: Ramadan special JuiceApart from the delicious dishes including biryani, Kebabs, Phirni, Seviyan and so on, there are ready to drink liquids which take a major portion of demand for its refreshing quotient. It gives a zest for next day’s fast. Many of us wonder and have a look at those juicy sherbets. The emerging trends in all of these sherbets are getting globalized with some added creativity in it. If you wonder about how to make your own version of sherbet, just have a look at it.

Fitness Mantra: Ramadan special Sattu JuiceKeep the coolness in mind while preparing the juices. Suppose you yourself have arranged for a memorable Iftar at a short notice to your Muslim brothers. To bring some extra flavor, you can add ingredients such as rose, khus, phalsa etc. apart from these, If you take the health criteria for utmost concern and imbibe in the energy, you may try with nuts, Sattu etc which are regarded as energy boosters.

Try Badaam ka sherbet with some added kewda, nuts, and cardamoms which will bring an eccentric flavor in it. For garnishing, you may prefer crushed and dried of rose petals which will evaporate a mind soothing smell. To bring the twist, sprinkle some crushed ice. Sattu is an ingredient which is kept at home during summer especially. To make an extraordinary out of it, make a glass of Sattu sherbet and add chopped mint leaves (pudina) for a cooling effect. This is specifically famous in Bihar where Sattu is treated as a compound for health vitalizes.

So, hope you will have a blasting Iftar and a feast to memorize at home.