Facebook Finally Declared, WhatsApp Group Video Call feature is Rolling Out, Beta Tester from Web or Google Play Store

WhatsApp group video calling feature is available for beta or stable version Android user and for the iOS user it’s already present, But the user has to update the app.

Facebook newly declared the WhatsApp group video calling feature last month. Video calling feature was published to selected users. But the company is now expanding this feature to rest of the users of Android, iOS and Windows smartphone users. Now users can chat on audio and video with multiple members of groups at the same time.Whatsapp Messanger Beta Video Calling, Google Play Store

Here is the step by step process to become a Beta tester: There are two ways to be a beta tester

  • Through web browser and
  • Directly through the Google Play Store.

If you want to active via a web browser then go to this link https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.whatsapp, after that click on Become a Tester. After clicking you will see a window, it will show that You are a tester.

Whatsapp Beta Tester Google Play Store Whatsapp Group Video Calling You are now a tester Google Play Store Whatsapp Group Video Calling

After that open Google Play store and search for WhatsApp. When you open the app page you will see WhatsApp Messenger (Beta). You will get an update from WhatsApp to get the Beta version of WhatsApp messager.

If you want to do that via  Google play store just go to play store and search for becoming Beta Tester button. Tap the button I m in. It will ask you to choose Join with the Beta program. After that, you will get the update for the beta version. If you find any error with the beta version of Whatsapp Messanger you can out from Beta tester.

If you want to know how to do the video calling between group people you can get the process from here.