Everyone Should NOT Do This With Their Android Phone

How to Track or Find Your Android Device?

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Is your battery getting drain quickly or your Android phone is going slow? OR your mobile internet data is just finishing quickly? Don’t worry. Please follow the steps below and you can get resolve these two problems definitely.

For Chrome web browser user should use an option like DATA Saver. It can save your Internet Data up to 25 to 30%. For Active the feature to your Chrome browser You just need to go to Chrome – Settings – Data Saver and Active this option. Believe me its good for data saver.
Is your battery going drain frequently? Don’t worry. We all use WIFI in our daily life. But maybe we don’t know some small setting which can increase our battery life as well as battery backup. There is an option called Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep, for these your Android phone battery backup will be good enough. To activate this option you have to go to Settings – Wi-Fi -Advanced Setting, then Click on Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep and after that select Always option.
No matter which Android phone you are using in your daily life, But to get better battery life you have to turn off the Display Automatic brightness option. Actually, if this feature is on then your Android phone battery will get drain very easily. So keep it always. For active this option you have to go Display Setting – Automatic Brightness- Turn off.
Some of the Android phone users think that if they kill the recent app list, the Android phone will get run faster. No, it’s not true at all. Your device will get slow if you are doing this. Every time when you try to open your Android phone’s application, your mobile device make a load on the processor. For this, your phone will run slowly and also battery will drain quickly because of load on the processor. So, don’t do that.

How to Recover Wifi Password from your Android Phone?
Download the app from Google Play Store – WIFI KEY RECOVERY
Phone must be Rooted.


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