Do We Own The Moon?

The most popular picture of a national flag taken on the Moon is the picture of Buzz Aldrin standing beside the first United States flag planted on the Moon. This picture created a lot of controversy in a world stage, because nearly a century ago on our globe the chapter of colonisation was in great demand which said that hosting a national flag in any territory meant to claim that territory for their own motherland or simply making a colony of their own country to which the national flag belong.

So, here the controversy was about that did the picture of the United States national flag hoisted on moon meant to colonize Moon under their own territory.Who owns the moon? A space lawyer answers

According to the “Space Law” and “Outer Space Treaty,” the answer given to the question was that the result of colonization on Earth was drastic and had some terrific results like armed rebellions and wars. So keeping this in mind the “Outer Space Treaty” decided that whoever it is to hoist their national flag on the Moon but the Moon will be declared as a “Global Commons”, which means that it is will not be any country’s property. Each and every nation will have equal access to the MOON.