“BLEED” – A short Film is going to release on 20th July 2018

Synopsis: “BLEED”

When a girl is on her Menstruation/Period days, the society forbids her from participating in any holy ritual works. On those days she is instructed to remain at one corner of the house, isolated and lonely. But we fail to realize what the girl goes through on those days and how much she has to suffer. And we the society people add more to her sufferings by not allowing her to lead a normal lifestyle on those days.

Our story “BLEED” is though not about the girl the Story revolves around the situation the girl has to face from her family members on such a ritual day. We tried to present a picture of our society which is standing in the 21st century but still follows the norms that might have been followed by their great-grandparents.Dey's Entertainment Ventures BLEED

Film Name-“Bleed”

Production House-Dey’s Entertainment Ventures
Release Date-20th July 2018




Writt Chakraborty

Ankit Kr Dey

Soutik Sarkar

Payel Das

Priyanka Kar

Shuvamita Dey

Mayank Shah

Script: Jit Bhattacharya

Dop:   Jouditya Dey

Camera: Arpan Ghosh

Editor and Music:  Avisekh Adhikary

Director:  Subhomoy Dey

Produced by Ankit Kr Dey and Shubhomoy Dey

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