Apple’s Threat to TRAI

The US brand Apple may drag the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to court over the new rules about its ‘Do Not Disturb’ app released on Thursday. It is because TRAI had ordered that telecoms will shut down handsets that do not permit its do-not-disturb app to be downloaded.

Few sources said that the TRAI has broken the law by giving this order, so now Apple is going to take legal action against TRAI. Apple said that the TRAI cannot force any telecoms to bar handsets from their network.Apple Mac Take Legal Action against TRAI

Whereas the Android phones already have this DND feature, Apple’s iOS 12 software update is expected to come with this DND feature, which will allow the users to block unwanted calls and messages. Apple has informed TRAI about the new update that to be launched in the month of September. Apple has informed TRAI that they too respect user consent but it cannot violate its own security policy and allow any application to get access to users to call logs and messages. Therefore, the apple company has refused to carry the DND app in its app store.

TRAI Chairman R.S Sharma has accused apple as a “data colonizer” and “anti-consumer” because he said that a phone should be fully owned by the user and the handset makers should not have any more right to restrict the users from disclosing it to other of their choices.

The latest TRAI rule makes it mandatory for all handset manufacturers to permit downloading of its DND app and similar apps that the regulator has certified. TRAI has asked telecoms to bar those devices from their network within six months which will not allow their DND app to download.